Matthew Poll Indicators to Watch Around Cryptocurrency

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Matthew Poll Indicators to Watch Around Crypto Interview w/

Utah Entrepreneur Matthew Poll recently sat down with and its publishing partners (,, to discuss the indicators he watches when trading cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, and any other form of crypto. To learn more about Matt Poll Indicators to Watch When Learning About Cryptocurrency, visit!

“Matthew Poll Indicators…” Interview Transcript:

Matt Poll Indicators to Watch Around Cryptocurrency

“Cryptocurrency is a unique, new monetary value that’s being traded right now. And I don’t… I’m not saying that in a way, like, I think it’s gonna go away. I think Crypto is definitely here to stay. However, it’s… it’s very new and very volatile, and also follows a lot of old patterns and traditions in terms of how it moves based on how things that are financially traded have moved in the past.

But because it is considered a currency, and it’s also not highly regulated, it’s highly manipulated. I would say when it’s not being manipulated, it’s very technical. Meaning it likes to follow tech, like traditional technical analysis.”

Background Matters

So if you’re someone who comes from like a stock background, or an investing background in like, trading, or something like that, you’re going to find that your technical analysis weighs really heavily in crypto.

But then you’ve got this big red flag that unless there’s massive manipulation, and we’ve been seeing so much of that, where like, your Elon Musk’s… your mark Cuban’s… your Ellen’s even are pushing certain Crypto.

Celebrity Indicators

And that’s just manipulation at that point. So you could even say like an indicator that I would be constantly watching with crypto is like who’s behind it? Who are the celebrities, the big voices, the people that could say something and it would radically manipulate that in a positive or a negative way?

And are you watching them because it will have a splash the moment they say something and we’ve seen that. I mean, everything Elon has said about crypto has largely impacted the market had you only followed his recommendations are just in and of itself, financially being a radically different place in your right now.”

About Matthew Poll

Matthew Poll Indicators to Watch Around Cryptocurrency Interview

Matthew Poll, AKA Matt Poll, is an entrepreneur, investor and life coach based out of Silicon Slopes in Lehi, Utah. Furthermore, he is the cofounder of GTF, a company which he helped co-found in September of 2008.

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Kevin Jones Day Trading Changes to Watch For and more!

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Kevin Jones Day Trading Interview w/ Day Trade Wire

Utah Entrepreneur Kevin Jones discusses what he thinks will change with day trading in the near future. Furthermore, what books he’d suggest for current and future traders.

Kevin Jones Day Trading Interview transcript:

What changes do you see coming in day trading?

“Some of the changes that are taking place right now are really around the crypto space. We’ve been focused in forex and futures, commodities, precious metals over the last few years. And crypto has just kind of started to to really become a product that people are able to start using more efficiently in the day trading space, particularly because they can also make money on the downturns in the crypto space. And that’s something that a lot of people aren’t aware of how to do other places. That’s one way that day trading is changing.”

“In addition, I think just more people are going to get involved in it. And I think it’s going to be more widely accepted as a common or a traditional investment vehicle that people use strictly because of the autonomy and they’re trying to, you know, that people want control of their funds. There’s, there’s just a less of a level of trust of just being able to put money in a passive investment and hope that it works out. And to trust a broker that somebody has never met and be able to do it that way. So day trading is going to be making some big leaps forward in that way.”

What books do you suggest for current and/or future day traders?

“One of the things that I really focus on is called way of being and it’s the it’s the way that you are and the mentality that you carry with you on a day to day basis. And that’s the thing that I find makes a bigger difference than just learning a specific skill set.

Yes, obviously, there is a skill set that you get to learn around trading and there are trading books that are good for that. There’s one called market mind games. There’s another one called Psychology of Trading by Brett Steinberger, Denise shoulders’ The Market Mind Games, and those are great books.

And then there’s also way of being books that I think are are equally if not more important, because what it comes down to is discipline right having discipline a great discipline book is Extreme Ownership by Jacko Willink and also just your way of being seeing the world as a world that is going to work for you and not being so skeptical about the opportunities that lie in front of you that you literally kill them before they’re able to begin.”

Kevin Jones Day Trading

Kevin Jones Day Trading Interview – In Conclusion:

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Kevin Jones Day Trading – From First Time Failure to Financial Freedom

Kevin Jones Day Trading
Kevin Jones Day Trading

Tyler Perry wasn’t always a day trader, and neither was his father. Kevin Jones Sr. who, in 1998, owned a fish tank company, held one thing to his credit other than fishing supplies – he’s “a very smart man”, according to his son who says his father was “interested in the market” and that’s how Kevin Jones day trading started.

Jones Sr. didn’t start slow and easy, however, like his son teaches new traders to do now. 

“He put $10,000 into the market, and traded the wrong currency pair,” says Perry. His father lost $6,000 and “it really hit him hard.”

But Kevin Jones Sr. didn’t give up on day trading.

He went home, “figured out a math algorithm to read market information” and spent two years on it before it was ready. Then his father Beta tested it on his children.

“I was 16-years-old and learning about trading futures. It was very, very interesting and it progressed from there,” Perry says.

Kevin Jones Day Trading

Even though Kevin Jones had only fish tanks and smarts to his credit before stepping into the day trading arena, he soon realized how well his algorithm worked. Soon after the fish tank company closed, Perry and his father were full-time traders.

Like others who today want more control of their finances, Perry and his father wanted to be in control of their futures.

For Perry, the change has meant everything in day trading.

“It’s allowed me to do everything I’ve wanted to do. I got to run heavy equipment, and be a fireman for 6 years. I can drive locomotives. And I just trade.”

Day trading for Perry has not only created more financial security in his life, but it has also allowed him to step forward and help others to live their dream. Those who are tired of a “broken system” and, despite previous financial choices, are rethinking their life and taking a look at day trading as the best option for their financial stability. Options that are as unique as they are.  

“We teach people that not only does the market have an opened and a closed position, but there are many buys and sells throughout the day that [they] can take advantage of,” says Perry. “Your day trading plan can be customized to your current work so that you don’t have to stop work to learn to trade. You can do both at the same time until you are comfortable making the switch to full-time trading. Or you can continue to do both.”

“You can trust someone else to do it or we can teach you how to do it. [We] make sure that your plan works for you.”

Why Kevin Jones Day Trading Came to Utah


I came to Utah for many reasons, though my first thoughts about day trading were anything but good. They were spurred on by the father of a soon-to-be business partner, Kevin Jones.

Kevin Jones Day Trading | Utah
Kevin Jones Day Trading | Utah

It was 2008, and the markets were not good either. No one wanted to be in the markets the way they were that year. But Jones’ dad, Kevin Jones Sr., was pretty persuasive. He spoke about the profits that were coming in. He even showed me the statements of the money he’d made, but I still wasn’t interested.

I was trying to run a cell phone business, and so I ignored him for a while.

But frankly, my friend’s dad kept showing up. Kevin Jones had already jumped on the day trading boat, and I figured, why not? “Okay, show me what you got?” I finally offered.

The shifting began.

I soon realized I could make a profit in an up market as well as in a down market.

Matthew Poll

My friend and I were sailing along, and while we enjoyed creating tools around coaching and trading my family wasn’t on board.

“Are you doing okay?” they’d ask. They were worried. Was our success somehow tied to the real estate market crash of 2008?

Making it to Utah

When Kevin Jones and I finally made it to Utah, we were ready to take on the day trading catamaran. Unfortunately, California folks were still sailing along, and the supply of really good talent, and really great partners; people that had the same mindset and goals as we did to grow and to help other people succeed was frankly limited per capita. We knew Utah to be a business-friendly state. And we knew we could find the talent and partners in Utah that we needed to grow our business.

We knew that the people in Utah were more entrepreneurial, there were more like-minded folks looking for ways to earn money on their own, and there were more people who wanted to be in charge of their financial future. Not that Utah was the only state where we felt this was prevalent, but Utah was definitely on top of the list of places to move as compared to where I was in California.

And of course, we both liked the great outdoors, so we figured we were getting more than just a great business opportunity when it came to all of the pluses already mentioned. 

We were right. This is a great state to work in and we plan to keep it that way.

Matt Poll’s Indicators of Success

Matt Poll's Indicators of Success
Matt Poll’s Indicators of Success

Have you heard of Matt Poll’s Indicators of Success?

Like day trading, you may have also realized there are indicators in your life that tell you when to try something new or when to step away from a project that isn’t serving you. When you force something into your life – say how you relate to a certain family member, or when you convince yourself that your job will just have to do when you’re not happy in it – these are indicators that a change is necessary.

Like life, price action – using what has happened in the past to help you make the best trading decision in the present – is the “most important thing in day trading,” says Matt Poll. But, relying on “indicators… as a POTENTIAL entry/exit confirmation for your analysis…can be great tools to complement your trading idea.”

Indicators of success begin with looking at the past and seeing what has worked and moving forward to examine the changing possibilities.

Matthew Poll | Indicators of Success

Say you are ready to change jobs – maybe even careers. You’ve looked at what has happened to you in the past when such a shift has taken place. You’ve searched out what was good and not so good about the decision. But you’re also looking at what is happening today – at this very moment in the line of work you want to move in to. You are looking at indicators.

Like a life well lived with a loved one, there are hills and valleys, that if managed well will yield the greatest results. The best currency pairs, like the best pairs in life, are individuals working together who focus on what will lend them the greatest results.

Matthew Poll Scam? Try Integrity

Matthew Poll Scam?
Matthew Poll Scam?

You may have read a little something about Matthew Poll. ‘Scam’ may have even been part of the conversation.

People don’t like to lose money. If they invest in something, even in a training class, they want success to show up immediately. As dollars are spent, they expect the same or more in return almost the next day. If the money doesn’t show up, they’ve been taken for a ride – and not in their favorite car.

It’s like Cooking

Consider, for example, cooking. Just because you read the recipe, have all of the right ingredients, and even bake the item at the right temperature, something can happen – something unforeseen even. Perhaps you’ve stirred the dough too long and the cake doesn’t rise. Maybe you don’t bake the cookies long enough or too long. Maybe you miss putting in one of the ingredients.

A woman I know who has been cooking for her family for years tells me she can’t seem to do it right. She can’t even find success in a boxed brownie recipe.

Has she been swindled?

Matthew Poll

Most of us would say no. We would say she just doesn’t get it yet. She’s been trying and failing, and trying and failing again. The important thing is, she’s still trying and tells me she will never give up.

Honest day trading isn’t about scamming people; it’s about teaching them and giving them opportunities to show up. Money is invested, and the results aren’t always seen early on – and that’s to be expected. Day trading takes skill. It takes time.

What about integrity?

Not moral integrity, the sort of stuff that lends itself to debate, but the sort of integrity that is “whole and complete” like a bridge or a building without any missing pieces. You want your integrity to withstand the test of time. You want it to be there even when you make an error in judgment, when your skill isn’t at the level of achievement you’ve been wanting – yet. You see where you are and where you want to be. It’s in your mind’s eye, but you’re not there yet.

Get unstuck from your excuses, in your desires to be right, in justifying your behavior because of what someone else said or did. Be responsible for your choices – all of them – and allow the excuses to fly out the window.

Only then will you begin to see success.