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Matthew Poll Indicators to Watch Around Cryptocurrency

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Matthew Poll Indicators to Watch Around Crypto Interview w/

Utah Entrepreneur Matthew Poll recently sat down with and its publishing partners (,, to discuss the indicators he watches when trading cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, and any other form of crypto. To learn more about Matt Poll Indicators to Watch When Learning About Cryptocurrency, visit!

“Matthew Poll Indicators…” Interview Transcript:

Matt Poll Indicators to Watch Around Cryptocurrency

“Cryptocurrency is a unique, new monetary value that’s being traded right now. And I don’t… I’m not saying that in a way, like, I think it’s gonna go away. I think Crypto is definitely here to stay. However, it’s… it’s very new and very volatile, and also follows a lot of old patterns and traditions in terms of how it moves based on how things that are financially traded have moved in the past.

But because it is considered a currency, and it’s also not highly regulated, it’s highly manipulated. I would say when it’s not being manipulated, it’s very technical. Meaning it likes to follow tech, like traditional technical analysis.”

Background Matters

So if you’re someone who comes from like a stock background, or an investing background in like, trading, or something like that, you’re going to find that your technical analysis weighs really heavily in crypto.

But then you’ve got this big red flag that unless there’s massive manipulation, and we’ve been seeing so much of that, where like, your Elon Musk’s… your mark Cuban’s… your Ellen’s even are pushing certain Crypto.

Celebrity Indicators

And that’s just manipulation at that point. So you could even say like an indicator that I would be constantly watching with crypto is like who’s behind it? Who are the celebrities, the big voices, the people that could say something and it would radically manipulate that in a positive or a negative way?

And are you watching them because it will have a splash the moment they say something and we’ve seen that. I mean, everything Elon has said about crypto has largely impacted the market had you only followed his recommendations are just in and of itself, financially being a radically different place in your right now.”

About Matthew Poll

Matthew Poll Indicators to Watch Around Cryptocurrency Interview

Matthew Poll, AKA Matt Poll, is an entrepreneur, investor and life coach based out of Silicon Slopes in Lehi, Utah. Furthermore, he is the cofounder of GTF, a company which he helped co-found in September of 2008.

In addition to this blog, you can find Matt Poll on social media by clicking the links below:


Matthew Poll Day Trading | Get in the Game

Get in the game - matthew poll day trading
Get in the game – matthew poll day trading

Matthew Poll Day Trading, speaks of getting in the game of day trading like a well-oiled machine. It isn’t just about the mechanics of trading – knowing who, when, or where to put your next hard-earned dollar, it’s about where you are when you shell it out.

Consider yourself in a game of football. If you are one of the players, you are in the game of football. If you’re in the stands, a referee, the coach, a player assistant, or watching the game from your favorite big screen at home, Poll suggests that you’re “not playing in the game” at all.

What are you doing then? You’re cheering, aren’t you? You’re giving direction to a team player, aren’t you? You’re assisting as needed, aren’t you?

Matthew Poll

“What if you thought you were in the game and I was to tell you that you were not?” states Poll, in his YouTube video, “Are You in the Game”?

“In the game of life, we can… think we’re in the game when we’re not. We can think we’re playing, when, in actuality, we’re only talking about changing areas of our life or ignoring our life altogether. Fear may stand in the way of living life in the field where the game is actually being played.

Consider relationships, money, health, and spiritual well-being. In all of these areas, “winning and losing occurs” because some risk has been taken to play in the game. It isn’t easy to share your heart with someone you are struggling with. It isn’t simple to balance your money, deal with debt, consider your health – what you eat, how you exercise, how you sleep. It isn’t easy to find peace amidst the world’s turmoil. But, like football,

The masters of the game, play it as often as they can. Failure means something radically different to them. [They] look forward to failure because to be In the Game is more powerful than to be a spectator from the stands.

Matthew Poll

What is Matt Poll’s Day Trading for Good?

There’s been a lot of discussion about Matt Poll Day Trading. What it is and what it can do for you and your life. There has also been some talk about what is called, Day Trading for Good.

Every quarter Day Trading for Good, a program within the Matt Poll Day Trading business, makes a difference in the community and on the planet. A nonprofit is chosen and a substantial amount of money is donated.

“Anyone who comes in as a trial, the dollar amount they pay for the trial, (a $10-month trial) is all it takes to get started in day trading with Matt Poll.

“Every [trial] dollar goes directly to [the] organization chosen.” Funds ranging from $5,000 to 8K, have made it from your pocket to folks around the world who have needed a helping hand.

This quarter, the help went to Hearts and Hands for Humanity, a nonprofit business that assists Africa with freshwater wells in villages where there are none. “People are dying,” says Poll. Hearts and Hands is “drilling for $5 – $10,000 per well. It’s having a massive impact in the community.”

Click here to help Hearts and Hands for Humanity.

“We’re doing this thing, we’re making a difference for the people [there], and we want to start giving back to the community.”

What matters?

That’s the question we asked ourselves, and the answers have continued to come. “We live in a different time. We live in a world where you’re more responsible for your finances than ever before. You’ve heard about this day trading thing – good, come test what we’re doing and the small dollar amount that we’re going to ask from you – see if day trading is right for you.”

“Why don’t you come test what we’re doing?

Do some good.