June 2021

Matt Poll’s Indicators of Success

Matt Poll's Indicators of Success
Matt Poll’s Indicators of Success

Have you heard of Matt Poll’s Indicators of Success?

Like day trading, you may have also realized there are indicators in your life that tell you when to try something new or when to step away from a project that isn’t serving you. When you force something into your life – say how you relate to a certain family member, or when you convince yourself that your job will just have to do when you’re not happy in it – these are indicators that a change is necessary.

Like life, price action – using what has happened in the past to help you make the best trading decision in the present – is the “most important thing in day trading,” says Matt Poll. But, relying on “indicators… as a POTENTIAL entry/exit confirmation for your analysis…can be great tools to complement your trading idea.”

Indicators of success begin with looking at the past and seeing what has worked and moving forward to examine the changing possibilities.

Matthew Poll | Indicators of Success

Say you are ready to change jobs – maybe even careers. You’ve looked at what has happened to you in the past when such a shift has taken place. You’ve searched out what was good and not so good about the decision. But you’re also looking at what is happening today – at this very moment in the line of work you want to move in to. You are looking at indicators.

Like a life well lived with a loved one, there are hills and valleys, that if managed well will yield the greatest results. The best currency pairs, like the best pairs in life, are individuals working together who focus on what will lend them the greatest results.

Matthew Poll Scam? Try Integrity

Matthew Poll Scam?
Matthew Poll Scam?

You may have read a little something about Matthew Poll. ‘Scam’ may have even been part of the conversation.

People don’t like to lose money. If they invest in something, even in a training class, they want success to show up immediately. As dollars are spent, they expect the same or more in return almost the next day. If the money doesn’t show up, they’ve been taken for a ride – and not in their favorite car.

It’s like Cooking

Consider, for example, cooking. Just because you read the recipe, have all of the right ingredients, and even bake the item at the right temperature, something can happen – something unforeseen even. Perhaps you’ve stirred the dough too long and the cake doesn’t rise. Maybe you don’t bake the cookies long enough or too long. Maybe you miss putting in one of the ingredients.

A woman I know who has been cooking for her family for years tells me she can’t seem to do it right. She can’t even find success in a boxed brownie recipe.

Has she been swindled?

Matthew Poll

Most of us would say no. We would say she just doesn’t get it yet. She’s been trying and failing, and trying and failing again. The important thing is, she’s still trying and tells me she will never give up.

Honest day trading isn’t about scamming people; it’s about teaching them and giving them opportunities to show up. Money is invested, and the results aren’t always seen early on – and that’s to be expected. Day trading takes skill. It takes time.

What about integrity?

Not moral integrity, the sort of stuff that lends itself to debate, but the sort of integrity that is “whole and complete” like a bridge or a building without any missing pieces. You want your integrity to withstand the test of time. You want it to be there even when you make an error in judgment, when your skill isn’t at the level of achievement you’ve been wanting – yet. You see where you are and where you want to be. It’s in your mind’s eye, but you’re not there yet.

Get unstuck from your excuses, in your desires to be right, in justifying your behavior because of what someone else said or did. Be responsible for your choices – all of them – and allow the excuses to fly out the window.

Only then will you begin to see success.