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Kevin Jones Day Trading Interview w/ Day Trade Wire

Utah Entrepreneur Kevin Jones discusses what he thinks will change with day trading in the near future. Furthermore, what books he’d suggest for current and future traders.

Kevin Jones Day Trading Interview transcript:

What changes do you see coming in day trading?

“Some of the changes that are taking place right now are really around the crypto space. We’ve been focused in forex and futures, commodities, precious metals over the last few years. And crypto has just kind of started to to really become a product that people are able to start using more efficiently in the day trading space, particularly because they can also make money on the downturns in the crypto space. And that’s something that a lot of people aren’t aware of how to do other places. That’s one way that day trading is changing.”

“In addition, I think just more people are going to get involved in it. And I think it’s going to be more widely accepted as a common or a traditional investment vehicle that people use strictly because of the autonomy and they’re trying to, you know, that people want control of their funds. There’s, there’s just a less of a level of trust of just being able to put money in a passive investment and hope that it works out. And to trust a broker that somebody has never met and be able to do it that way. So day trading is going to be making some big leaps forward in that way.”

What books do you suggest for current and/or future day traders?

“One of the things that I really focus on is called way of being and it’s the it’s the way that you are and the mentality that you carry with you on a day to day basis. And that’s the thing that I find makes a bigger difference than just learning a specific skill set.

Yes, obviously, there is a skill set that you get to learn around trading and there are trading books that are good for that. There’s one called market mind games. There’s another one called Psychology of Trading by Brett Steinberger, Denise shoulders’ The Market Mind Games, and those are great books.

And then there’s also way of being books that I think are are equally if not more important, because what it comes down to is discipline right having discipline a great discipline book is Extreme Ownership by Jacko Willink and also just your way of being seeing the world as a world that is going to work for you and not being so skeptical about the opportunities that lie in front of you that you literally kill them before they’re able to begin.”

Kevin Jones Day Trading

Kevin Jones Day Trading Interview – In Conclusion:

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