Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones is an entrepreneur based out of Lehi, Utah. Together with Matthew Poll, Kevin has extensive experience throughout each step found within the life of a business. In 2008, the two started GTF, and eventually came up with the $10 30-Day Trader Lite Trial.

Along with Day Trade Wire, Kevin started, which donates proceeds from the $10 Lite trial to charities around the world. Below is an interview from with some insight on who Kevin is:

Kevin Jones on 30 Days of Trading for $10

“We chose $10 because it is an amount that is easy for people to come up with. At the same time, enough that they feel like they actually want to use the trial. It’s not something that is such a large amount that it’s overwhelming. But it’s not such a small amount that they feel like they don’t have to put any time behind it.

We’re looking for commitment. We’re looking for people who actually want to put effort in so that we can create the best possible scenario with our product and with that customer.

We do $10 for the trial because we want people to experience our product fully before they actually make any larger commitment. The intention there is for them to be able to look behind the curtain without a whole lot of risk and decide if this is actually something they want to take on. We have a lot of people who don’t take it on. A lot of people who say no, and we’re okay with that. Because what we end up with is a customer who’s really interested in using our product to better their life.”

Kevin Jones on What is Included in the Trial

“What’s included in the trial is a lot of coaching sessions. Opportunities to come to live webinars, opportunities to see what our continued education looks like… the kind of education that they’ll get long term.

They’ll get experience with personalized coaching, which is something that they’ll also get moving forward into a different package. In addition to that, full access to the software so that they can see it working with the market.

They can see exactly the signals they’ll be trying to read. They’ll actually start to learn the signals and make demo trades to help them see the possibilities of being part of the market. The only thing that the trial does not include is the opportunity to trade with our tools in the live market with real money. This is because we want them to have a better education before they get to that.”

Kevin Jones on Selecting Future Donation Recipients

“We choose charities based on the feedback of our team. [Kevin and Matthew Poll] get together with all the marketing team, the coaches, all our people and affiliates, or as many of them as possible. We throw a bunch of opportunities up on the board. A bunch of things that people are feeling drawn to at the time and then we narrow it down.

We just start to vote on it. Narrow it down to a handful. Then Narrow it down again and we pick one that usually has to do with current events. It’s something that’s on people’s minds. It’s something that we feel can really contribute to the betterment of the world at the time.”

Why Kevin Donates

Kevin Jones Matthew Poll Sub For Santa Donation

“We have gone through a lot of training as business owners. We’ve gone through a lot of experience as business owners. One of the things we’re clear on is that there are big issues out there. And there are certain issues that we get to get behind as a company and as a people in general.

It also helps because now the individuals doing the trial have an opportunity to try something new. To see a new pathway in their life. At the same time, the risk that they run is that they’ve donated to a good cause and that’s what we want.

We want people to know that we’re behind good causes. And at the same time, we’re interested in what they’re up to. If they feel like that helps them get to try our product… because they get to donate to a good cause, we’re happy about that.”

Kevin Jones on Operation Underground Railroad

“I’ve been familiar with Operation Underground Railroad for some time and I’m actually a fan of Tim Ballard and his books and work in general.

One of the things we did right before we began this was… we went to a Tony Robbins event in Las Vegas… Business Mastery. In a single day I think we were able to raise somewhere around $400,000 or $500,000 and then he matched that. It really was eye-opening. Just the things they talked about… the challenges that so many people face around trafficking… and it just really fell in line.

So as somebody put that on the board as we got together as a team, it was one that a lot of people were drawn to. As a whole, I think you’re dealing with mostly good people in the world. But you have this sliver of outliers. When you can get a big movement behind that, it’s going to make a big difference.

So Operation Underground Railroad is a good option for that… to make a big difference and get a bunch of people behind a great cause. And that’s the biggest reason that we chose it.”

Beliefs Shared w/ Operation Underground Railroad

“I would say liberty and freedom. Those two are often intertwined. It’s truly the cause that I care about more than anything in this world. It is something that I want for my family. It’s something that I want for my children and something that I want for society as a whole.

To know that there are hundreds and thousands of people who don’t enjoy that, and even millions in the world, I just get to get involved in that and try to make a difference.”